Ever interested in the equipment we use to record our podcast, or, perhaps...  you're interested in getting into the podcast game yourself?
Here is the equipment and software we use to record, edit and produce our show!


I use a 13" MacBook Pro (2.4 GHZ / 8 MB RAM).
It is a few years old now, but after somewhat regular use for both audio production and graphic design its still alive and kicking!
I'd recommend at least the same processing power and speed, but two major factors trump the specs in my mind:

     1 ) Portability - in some cases you'll want to be mobile when podcasting!
     2 ) USB Ports - as explained a little later, you'll want the maximum number of USB ports!

I use Logic Pro X ($199.99 USD).  I had bought this program to work on some music projects in the past and had some familiarity with it, so I felt it was the best choice for me.
Understandably, the price tag for Logic is high... but there are other options at a lower pricepoint (or even FREE).
And... obviously, I'm running a Mac specific setup so PC software is something i'm not as familiar with.
Check out this recent article from podcastinsights.com for more information on software options.
Logic offers more robust editing and effects options than GarageBand (for MacOS), but many features are just 'nice to have' and not necessary to produce a high quality podcast.

Microphones and Mixers:
Depending on the number of guests we're having for a particular episode, I have two different setups:
     1 ) Two Participants or Less
If Jess and I are recording an episode without guests, I use USB microphones that plug directly into my MacBook Pro.
Depending on the options available to edit and mix in your recording software (including noise cancellation, limiters, compressors, de-essers, etc.) you may need to buy a higher quality microphone than what i'm currently using, so make sure you do your own research!
I use an inexpensive Fifine USB omnidirectional vocal mic- available on Amazon.com.
As mentioned above, USB port availability will be a factor if you choose to take this approach.  Because my MacBook Pro has only two available USB ports- if we expand our participant list (non-virtually) I need to go with another option.
     2 ) Three or More Participants
To expand our capability, I purchased a USB mixer that would allow an additional four (4) microphones to be added to our setup.  I use the Behringer Xenyx QX1202 USB- available on Amazon.com.
The major difference with this setup is that you would need to use standard vocal mics (non-USB) to connect to the Behringer mixer.  Again, as a benefit of doing some previous music production, I had some vocal mics laying around so I didn't incur an additional cost... so please keep this in mind!
User beware if you choose this route- the audio will enter your software as a single waveform, so you'll need to make sure your levels are set on the board.  You will be unable to clean this up easily with your recording software!

Hosting / RSS Feed:
We use Podiant to host our podcast (we previously used Libsyn, but moved because of upload restrictions).
There are a multitude of options that come with different costs and benefits, so go ahead and do your research before making a choice!  Here's another good article to get you started (from discoverpods.com).
In a nutshell... for your podcast to be available for others online, you will need to create an RSS Feed that will in turn send your content to all of the different podcast providers (Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Play, etc.).  Often, the cost of your hosting / RSS Feed will depend on how much you plan to upload.  If you plan to do video, this can get a little more expensive.  Youtube.com is probably your best option for video if you have the ability and / or are willing to do a little more work.

Hopefully this clearly illustrates our setup and gives you some ideas if you want to create your own podcast!  This form of media offers low overhead if you already have a capable computer and internet connection... so don't be afraid to give it a try.
For as little as around $25.00 you can get started and put out your own content for the world to hear!

If you have any questions, or would like to chat about anything on this topic, please reach out to us!  Check our CONTACT PAGE or fill out the contact form below!

Thank you! We'll get back to you shortly!


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