Hey guys!
Tony and I are going back to Walt Disney World!
To celebrate the reopening of the Disney Parks and the longest-ever Epcot International Food & Wine Festival we’re going to try to
conquer the world!
Forget FOMO, we’ll taste and sample any food and drink item you want us to and review it for you!
We’ll be releasing an all-new podcast series where we review food and drink items from the festival and from across the Walt Disney World resort with our signature spin so you can know before you go... or just make us eat / drink stuff we don’t like!
We’re introducing a crowdfunding campaign where you can decide what we sample.  Depending on your contribution level we’ll provide a series of perks and services that you can take advantage of... easy right?
Here are the contribution levels and perks:
$ 5 ( and above ) - Silver
We will record a video shoutout on our Instagram Stories (@dizzoriented) from Epcot’s World Showcase to thank you for your contribution!
$10 ( and above ) - Gold
You’ll receive the silver tier perks and …
We will consume and review a food or drink item ( up to $20 ) of your choice!
This review will be included in a future episode of our ‘Dave and Tony vs. the World’ Podcast Series.
$15 ( and above ) - Platinum
You’ll receive the silver and gold tier perks and …
We’ll also read an ad or message on your behalf and you’ll act as sponsor for one of our podcast episodes.
All donations are appreciated and will be accepted regardless of amount.  To be eligible for the perks listed above, a donation must be in the amounts specified above.
If you have any questions or comments, please direct them to our social media feeds (DM) @dizzoriented, or... send us an email: dizzorientedpodcast@gmail.com
To contribute to this campaign, please visit:
What We'll Be Reviewing ( so far ... )
- School Bread ( Norway, Kringla Bakery )
   Thanks to Jason Coleman!
- Stow Away Mary ( Canada, Refreshment Port )
   Thanks to David Bartkowiak ( for Tony! )
- Tipsy Ducks in Love ( China, Joy of Tea )
   Thanks to Jessica Bartkowiak ( for Dave! )